This Storytelling Video Depicts & Details Child Sexual Abuse to Educate Teachers, Parents & Children

Child Sexual Abuse - Video |
source: Clarity Child Guidance Center

Sexual abuse is despicable in and of itself but once it is done to children, it becomes downright unforgivable.

Recently, JUICE summarised a shocking 64-page report by AWAM that details harrowing anecdotes and statistics on child grooming and sexual abuse. The report underlined the injustice that takes place when it comes to these cases and revealed that most victims were still in school.

While the illustration of data provided a wake-up call to some people, to most of us, especially women, this is our lived reality and despite the horror of the report, the facts were well-known to us.

Activists have long tried to warn us of these incidents.

Most notably, Ain Husniza spearheaded a movement to protect children from the rape culture that is prevalent in high schools. Her cause is noble, yet she was met with immediate and incessant backlash, proving that Malaysians are still in denial.

In order to continue the fight against child sexual abuse and to further open more eyes to the seemingly unassuming nature that could breed this behaviour, Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) has released a video to educate kids, parents and teachers on child sexual abuse.

The video entitled, WCC Storytelling Time | Lisa & Her Secret is currently on Youtube as well as their other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Watch it below:

Essentially, Sofia sits down and reads us a story about Lisa, a fun-loving girl who loves to sing.

However, after an incident with the trusted Uncle Jin, Lisa begins to lose herself and soon, the people around her start to notice her shift in personality.

The story then details how a “secret game” could change the trajectory of a child’s life.

In the end, Lisa reveals the sexual abuse she faced from Uncle Jin and the adults in the story are quick to take action.

The video concludes with Sofia asking the audience to complete an exercise which is to write the names and phone numbers of people who can be trusted if this incident were to happen.

Stories and videos like these are important in preventing perpetrators from getting away with their abuse.

Fear and distrust often inhibits children from speaking out but if we share these videos and ensure that they are in a safe space, hopefully, there will be no “secrets” left unsaid.

The video will soon be released in 4 different languages, so to keep updated, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.