This Rider Won’t Send Food To Those Who Purposely Ponteng Puasa

Despite it being Ramadhan, riders still have to work tirelessly to keep food on the table. Usually having to ride their motorcycles for long distances and at intermittent hours in the day, the task is mostly very demanding and exhausting especially when they are fasting as well.

source: Harian Metro

21-year old Mohd Syahid Daud, a delivery boy, told Harian Metro recently that he and his colleagues do not deliver food to those who purposely skip fasting.

When asked about his job during Ramadhan, Syahid said that most times, there will be people who order and insist that the food be placed surreptitiously in a black plastic bag to avoid suspicion from neighbours. He also mentioned that riders are expected to sneakily deliver the goods through “laluan tikus” which is essentially a secret entrance.

Syahid continued, “Despite the heat and long distances, we still continue fasting. So, why should we cater to the lazy behaviour of those who choose to skip fasting?”

For illustration purposes only. (source: The Borneo Post)

It’s bad enough to take advantage of those who are fasting themselves when you can easily make your own food at home, but to have them deliver your food in black plastic bags and sneak through back entrances is taking it too far. While deciding against fasting is your choice, don’t make others feel the ramifications of it.

With that, stay safe at home and be considerate of others so we can all co-exist in harmony.

Ramadhan Kareem!

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