This New Tech Makes It Easier to Steal Cars In Malaysia

In a exclusive report by The Star, car thieves have gone high-tech as a new frequency­-hacking device that is available locally has emerged. This new hacking system is targeted to owners of cars using the keyless entry system.

According to a source, the device could open almost every car with keyless entry. Car thieves are stepping up their game by recruiting hackers to install the required software onto their laptops and teaching them how to operate the device.

“Some local hackers have been approached to offer their services to members of the car theft syndicate,” the source added.

Surprisingly cheap, the device is sold for only RM150 and can be purchased online or at some electronics store. By using radio frequency identification (RFID) information, the hacking system could easily unlock a a car and start its engine.

The device only needs to be attached to a com­puter and run with simple frequency monitoring software, which can be downloaded for free from the Internet. All it has to do is capture the code in the car, and decrypt it. If that is settled, the car will unlock automatically. Scroll down to see two ways on how it can do exactly that:

(Source: The Star)

In a test conducted by Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC), which has 19 million members, 110 models from 27 different manufacturers were easily ‘stolen’ using the frequency-hacking device. They concluded by stating that to date, car manufacturers have yet to find a foolproof solution to beat these car thieves.

Authorities are aware of this high-tech robbery and luckily, there are no statistics of such thefts in Malaysia yet. It is encouraged for car owners to use anti-theft devices such as steering locks, immobilisers, motion sensors and top-grade alarms. Adding in a good tracking device in a vehicle will also help in events of a theft.

Vehicles secured with old-fashioned locks will take time to break into, hence discouraging thieves from stealing.

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