Malaysia’s Sweetheart & Actress Adibah Noor is Battling Nerve Disorder

(source: Yahoo News)

According to Harian Metro, popular local actress Adibah Noor recently shared that she has been suffering from Bell’s Palsy, a nerve disorder for the past three weeks.

“I first noticed it when I was brushing my teeth and gargling. There was a sudden spray of water from my mouth which felt like it was leaking. When I went for a shoot I realised my lips couldn’t properly form the words that I wanted to say like I normally do. It was a little slanted,” Adibah said.

The shoot happened during the weekend and she decided to go for a check-up the next day. A doctor then diagnosed her condition as Bell’s Palsy.

(source: Harian Metro)

The 50-year-old also mentions that the disorder has paralysed the left side of her face. Luckily, Adibah is now on the road to recovery.

“For the past three weeks I’ve been going for physiotherapy every day to heal quickly because I want to work. Thankfully, there have been offers for shoots. I don’t want my face to be senget,” she said.

Adibah explained that after 10 treatment sessions in three weeks, she had noticed a lot of improvements.

(source: Rojak Daily)

“The changes were very clear. Before this, my lip would not move at all when I smiled. It’s better now. What I can say is that I’m almost completely healed. There are two more treatment sessions to go, as I have a total of 12. If I still need any treatment after this then I will continue with it,” she noted.

We at JUICE wish her a speedy recovery!