This Indonesian Guy Has Casually Hung Out With Many International Celebrities

In some weird way, we are always asked “If you could lepak with any celebrity in the world, who would it be?” and all your local celebrity crushes, respected international icons, or maybe an amazing football player will come swooshing into your mind. Well, you can keep on dreaming cause the possibility of that becoming a reality is quite low, unless you have the power of Photoshop in your hands.

Yeah, we know it’s not exactly “hanging out”, but hey, at least you can visually see how it’ll look like. Take young Indonesian photographer Syahril Ramadhan for example; if you casually stalk him on Instagram, you would wonder, ”Who the hell is this guy? How does he have so many famous friends?” Syahril, who describes himself as a surreal photographer, happens to be a Photoshop master too. And honestly, he is good enough that when he hilariously inserts himself into a celebrity picture or a movies scene, it actually looks super real!

Since his pictures are quite viral now, he has garned over 188k followers on Instagram and his work is in high demand around the world.

Scroll down to check out his amazing skills below, and have a good laugh:

For more images, follow Syahril’s Instagram, here.