10 Images of What the World is Feeding Kids — Malaysia Included

There is no question that food plays a major role in life. Besides every cell in our body depending on a continuous supply of calories and nutrients, there is a strong relationship between memory and food. Usually the taste, smell, and texture of food can trigger memories of our earlier age.

When you think about junk food like Super Ring and that weird paper-wrapped Rabbit candy, I bet you instantly remember your childhood and getting up super early for school.

Photographer Gregg Segal created a photo series called Daily Bread that brings awareness on what children consume while they are growing up and how it affects their eating habits in the future. He’s been travelling around the world and making kids keep journals of what they eat in a week, after which the photoshoot happens. Through this series, Segal wants the public to be aware of what they put into their bodies and hopes that unhealthy eating habits in young children can soon be a thing of the past.

Here are 10 pictures of what the world has been feeding the kids:

1. Bradley, Los Angeles

2. Chetan, Mumbai

3. Isaiah, Los Angeles

4. Iman, Kuala Lumpur

5. Nona, Los Angeles

6. Beryl, Kuala Lumpur

7. Prince, Los Angeles

8. Shraman, Mumbai

9. Nur, Kuala Lumpur

10. Jesus, Los Angeles

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