This Cute Bookstore At Taman Desa Sells Books As Cheap As RM10

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source: Facebook / awordaffairintamandesa

Since Malaysia was ranked 6th in the world for buying books last year (which feels like eons ago tbh) and Big Bad Wolf book sales are constantly packed with people, it’s safe to assume that our passion for reading lives on during this these trying times, especially when Malaysians are more or less stuck at home.

Most of us have been reading books and focusing on self-enrichment in order to prepare us for reentering the world post-pandemic. However, books at stores such as Kinokuniya, MPH and Popular are steeply priced which is the main reason why some tend to be deterred from buying books.

Fear not because a recent tweet that went viral showcases a bookstore that is not only easy on the eyes but easy on your wallet as well.

Twitter user @chaegiisseoyo posted a tweet with the caption, “Heaven for used English fiction” and it has since racked 1.4k retweets and 2.5k likes. The tweet basically mentions how this quaint bookstore sells various titles and genres, and that you could get them at a very cheap price. The Twitter user himself purchased 4 books for the price of RM45.

If you’re familiar with book prices, that’s roughly the same price as 1 book at common bookstores, if not cheaper.

source: Facebook / awordaffairintamandesa

Located at Taman Desa, A Word Affair has stacks of novels by popular authors such as Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, Lang Leav and Neil Gaiman, just to name a few.

The bookstore adopts a very minimalistic approach and only has a few tables and shelves that house these gorgeous books. At first glance, it almost looks like an old-school library.

With over 7,000 selections, some even priced as low as RM10, avid bookworms will definitely miss out if they don’t pay a visit. However, one could get too carried away at the stores, so it’s best to follow JUICE’s guide to book buying, to keep you from overspending.

To check out A Word Affair, visit their Facebook page.

Featured image by @chaegiisseoyo

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