This High Tech Ear Digger is Called Bebird and Has Raised Over RM2 Million on Indiegogo

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source: Medical News Today

You must have had people say to you “eh kau ni tak korek telinga ke?” whenever you zone out during a conversation. Most people would use a cotton swab to pick their ears or that one metal earpick shaped like a golf club that their family has been using for decades.

Believe it or not, experts don’t recommend using the classic cotton swab. This is because you can’t see clear of your ear canal, which may result in pushing the wax buildup deeper into your ear, causing blockage, dizziness and even hearing loss. Like straws and other plastic products, most of the cotton swabs we use also end up in the ocean.

The most advanced Bebird you’ll ever own.

source: Bebird

The company behind the successful Bebird B1 – yes, out of all the names in the world, they have named their ear digger Bebird –  has developed the Bebird X17 Pro, which has tonnes of new features and accessories from its predecessor and offers 72 various ways to clean your ear. There are three different sizes of the soft ear spoons which clean at an absolute comfort level.

Bebird X17 Pro is equipped with a powerful HD camera with 3 million pixels and 3.5mm lens length, allowing you to see real-time images inside of your ear canal excavations through an app on your phone.

We said there are tonnes of features, right? Here’s all of them:

The Bebird has the softest ear spoons for you ears

source: Bebird

Made from polycarbonate and high-grade silica gel materials to provide the safest protection for your ear canal during cleaning.

It fits and protecc

source: Bebird

Whatever your ear size is, the protective plug can fit all sizes. It features a 360-degree angle recognition that lets you clean your ear canal in all directions with precision. The 6-Axis Smart Gyroscope consists of a 2mm accurate measurement, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your eardrum!

The Bebird won’t burn you

source: Bebird

You don’t have to worry about damaging or severely burning your ear canal as the Bebird Otoscope ear spoon cleaner has the same temperature as the human body.

It lasts long and powers up fast

source: Bebird

A full charge of 1.5 hours will give you two months of use! When the battery drains, simply place the body part of the ear cleaner rod onto the magnetic base.

Safe for kids

source: Bebird

For some Malaysian households, ear cleaning is a family activity. The soft ear spoons of the Bebird is comfortable for kids age 3 and above. Yup, you can clean their ears while they watch real-time footage on the app!

See what the Bebird does to your ear

source: Bebird

Think of the app like your very own CCTV for your ear. It is available on both Android and iOS. You can also monitor the Bebird’s battery life on the app.

Superfast WIFI chip

source: Bebird

The high-speed WIFI chip allows the Bebird to have a smooth transition for the app and camera display function, with an easy auto-connect set up.

As of now, the project has raised over RM2,050,082 on Indiegogo with 6,110 backers!

The Bebird X17 Pro is priced at RM300 for one and RM587 for two if you choose the Super Early Bird package that is selling out fast. It ships worldwide in June 2020.

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