This Webcomic Makes Us Giggle As We Question Life

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From talking animals to robots, poltergeists and even a bear from outer space, New York Times bestseller Reza Farazmand brings us a webcomic that’s entertaining as it is humorous, but also makes us reflect on our purpose in life through Poorly Drawn Lines.

The series follow many different characters like Ernesto and his housemate Kevin – or his new series that follow Trash Bird – as he questions the existence of life. Most of them are satirical and absurdist in tone, but have various themes that recur in different strips such as space travel, supernatural occurrences, science fiction, existentialism and friendship.

We never thought we could relate to talking animals so much before this, but Poorly Drawn Lines proves us wrong.

1) Ambitions

2) Not Mad

3) Welcome to Work

4) Support

5) Internet

6) Stress

7) Knowledge

8) Trying

9) Challenge

10) With The Humans

11) Routine Checkup

12) Ideas


Stand quietly in a train heading back home and scroll through Poorly Drawn Lines to ponder about our purpose in life.

The web comic was originally posted here.

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