Save The Earth! Use Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees When You Surf The Web

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The Earth’s lungs are burning at an alarming rate with recent news of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest being engulfed in a raging wildfire. With an increase of over 83% in fires since 2018, this deterioration is engendering massive concern due to the world’s reliance on the Amazon for 20% of our oxygen intake. Our climate is already hanging by a thread as it is with sharp upsurges in global temperature and declining quality of air; this vital blow to our ecosystem could potentially put a permanent end to us all.

The Amazon experiences torrential rain most of the year and hardly ever burns on its own, but due to rapid deforestation by irresponsible corporations, blazes have now been burning for more than two weeks with the smog reaching São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city which is more than 3,200 kilometres away.


Devastating news and images of the once lush rainforest now enshrouded in murky smog have been circulating social media and the response has been overwhelming.

Apib Comunicação tribe. (source: Flickr)

However, it seems we are forgetting the true victims of this cataclysm who are the indigenous tribes that are fighting tooth and nail to protect their homes as well as the innocent animals that are being burned alive.

Watch this heartbreaking video of a Brazilian native in a complete rage at the destruction the government had inflicted upon her home.

The feeling of despair is beginning to root itself in the hearts of those witnessing this tragedy but burrowing in our misery is not going to ameliorate the situation. Action is needed and the time is now.

Due to this catastrophe, humans must step up to the plate to recover the damage that has been done. Deforestations and depletion of greenery can be saved by planting new trees in its replacement. What better way to do that than by using Ecosia?


Ecosia is a search engine and app that plants a small tree with every 45 searches. In a generation where everyone is glued to the Internet, Ecosia has managed to recognise the importance of the web and use our dependence on it for the greater good.

Founded by Christian Kroll and Tim Schumacher, Ecosia uses the profit it generates from ad revenue to plant trees around the world. Currently, they have been reforesting 15 countries including Brazil that is currently undergoing a daunting wildfire. It may seem too good to be true so let me breakdown exactly what Ecosia does in order to gain your vote of support.

How does Ecosia plant trees?

source: Ecosia/Twitter

The organisation surveys areas that have been affected by deforestation. This ensures that there was once proof of life that will guarantee the trees’ survival in order for it to thrive. Once a location has been found, Ecosia interacts with the locals and plants trees that will in turn help them through agricultural purposes that can be generated into food or income.

What’s in it for them?


Ecosia is in it for the people and the animals. Trees are the most effective CO2 absorbers that help prevent the exacerbation of climate change, initiate water cycles, stop rainforests from becoming barren wastelands and ensure a sustainable future for us living on Earth. Seeing past the environmental benefits, Ecosia understands the importance of trees to communities by planting those that can help lift natives out of poverty. In reinvigorating the agriculture, fresh produce can be harvested and used to generate income or to feed the locals leading to a better condition of living. As for the animals, planting trees will directly rehabilitate the wildlife by providing them with a place to breed freely. Trees will inhibit more endangered species from becoming extinct by giving them a maintained and secure environment.

How can I trust Ecosia?

source: Ecosia/Twitter

Since Ecosia is a relatively new search engine, transparency is integral in order to gain trust. This is why the organisation publishes monthly financial reports to illustrate exactly how you are contributing to their engine and how they are applying your contribution into saving the Earth. All profits garnered from ad revenue will be used to plant trees and none of it goes to its owners.

And finally…

Where can I download/use Ecosia? can be bookmarked and used like a regular search engine or you can download it onto your mobile phone through

  1. Google Play or
  2. App Store.
Brazil Amazon fire seen from space (source: NASA)

Our current environmental situation has become dire and everyone has to set aside our differences to battle the one true evil amongst us: climate change. Through small measures implemented by everyone across the globe, there is hope in a revival. But our race against the clock has started and we need to hurry before Earth tires of us and spits us out. When that happens, the only thing we can do is drown in our regret.

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