Thinking of Getting Inked? Here Are 5 Unlucky & Cursed Tattoos That Every M’sian Should Avoid

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Tattoos are no longer as frowned upon as they were a decade ago.

Malaysian youths are no longer terrified of having permanent art tattooed on their bodies, thanks to the advent of social media applications such as TikTok and Instagram.

I myself have indulged in the art of tattooing as a kind of self-expression, but I am not the only Malaysian youngster that is interested in this therapeutic form of body art.

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If you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo, you could want something meaningful to you, or you might simply want something adorable, which is completely acceptable.

Certain tattoo designs, on the other hand, should be avoided since they may have negative connotations and are even claimed to bring bad luck for the rest of your life! Today, JUICE will show you several tattoo ideas that you should avoid.

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

For a long time, the upside-down cross tattoo has been popular on the market. When it first appeared in mainstream culture in the early 2010s, this tattoo was quite popular.

Amber Rose was seen with this tattoo in 2013. While the location of her upside-down cross tattoo is controversial, the tattoo’s symbolism isn’t necessarily fantastic.

(source: Daily Mail)

Among the various interpretations of the inverted cross, humanism, atheism, and the occult are the most frequent. It is frequently associated with Satanism and may be found displayed in horror films.

Many people consider the inverted cross unlucky because it ridicules what is good and sacred, and it has come to symbolise a rejection of Christianity. Although many people now get tattoos, some Christians still consider them to be unlucky.

Evil Eye Tattoo

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The evil eye tattoo is extremely popular among Milennials and Gen-Z’s. If you search the term “eye tattoo” on Pinterest, you will most definitely find thousands of aesthetically pleasing images with variations of this design.

The evil eye, or mati ((μάτι)) in Greek, is a curse delivered by a malevolent look that is believed to bring about misfortune or loss on the recipient. People started making amulets and charms to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye shields you from harm inflicted by those who are thinking or wishing adversely towards you. That’s why keeping an evil eye on you at all times is crucial.

While wearing evil eye jewellery is said to shield you from negative energy, getting it tattooed is thought to function in the other direction. The tattoo cannot be removed, and any negative energy received via the tattoo will remain on your body indefinitely.

666 Tattoo

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The number 666 is a well-known sign of ill luck. The number 666 is associated with the devil and may draw bad energy.

Similar to the upside-down cross, this mark of the beast often appears in heavy metal music and horror films and is associated with satanism and demonic worship.

This is a popular tattoo among aficionados of the darker, and more macabre aspects of life, yet you may encounter censure. Many people associate this tattoo with the devil and consider anyone who has it to be bad.

Tarot Card Tattoo

three of swords tarot tattoo (source: Pinterest)

The tarot card tattoo has become more popular as individuals throughout the world become more comfortable about discussing spiritual beliefs that were not so popular in the past like astrology.

Tarot card tattoos are not typically cursed, however certain tarot cards are more unlucky than others.

The ten of swords foretells of an unpleasant surprise in the future. Rejection, sadness, betrayal, loneliness, and grief are all represented by the Three of Swords. The dreaded Tower card signifies a tremendous and sometimes unexpected discovery.

Your tarot tattoo’s location is very significant. If you pull a card upside down in a tarot reading, it typically implies that you will bring in a more negative connotation. Before having a tarot card tattooed on you, be sure you understand what it means!

Racist Tattoos

(source: The Independent)

A lot of Malaysians are inspired to get tattoos from the Western media, but some of the tattoos we see aren’t truly appropriate and derive from a problematic racist past. An example of a really popular racist tattoo is the Swastika.

The swastika is an old symbol that evolved separately across many civilizations and countries.

Various right-wing members of Germany’s so-called “völkisch” movement, which was mostly committed to discovering a romanticised and partly mythological German/Aryan past, embraced the swastika as a symbol in the early 20th century.

The swastika’s usage in this context prompted Adolf Hitler to adopt it as the principal emblem of the Nazi Party in 1920.

Since 1945, the swastika has functioned as the most prominent and well-known emblem of anti-Semitism and white supremacy for the majority of the globe outside of Asia.

(source: Pinterest)

These are some tattoos that are considered unlucky or cursed. While these tattoos may be offensive to some, other cultures interpret these symbols differently, and while you may find them offensive, don’t cyberbully your local social media influencer who has these designs on their body.

Some tattoo artists may also reject your tattoo design if they believe it is unlucky so if you’re considering getting a tattoo, do your homework beforehand and definitely consult your preferred tattoo artist.

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