Fashion-Forward: 7 Public OOTD-Worthy Spots To Flaunt Your New Fit Besides Overpriced Cafes

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All dressed up with nowhere to go? Tired of heading to overpriced cafes and bars just for that one Insta-perfect shot in your latest gear?

Or worse, are you blurring out the backgrounds of your pics so they aren’t so… unsightly?

We know just what you need.

Here’s a list of cool places you can head to, dressed to the nines- and you won’t even need to purchase another drink to avoid outstaying your welcome.

1. Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

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In sooth, the world is your stage and all you need to sport an outfit at any occasion is confidence, and perhaps some swagger.

But what happens when your style incorporates sweaters and warmer clothing, forcing you to battle the unforgiving KL heat?

When in doubt, head to Genting SkyWorlds.

The much anticipated amusement park opened its doors in February this year, making its debut as an unofficial OOTD spot for stylish visitors, amidst cute, animated backgrounds and chilly weather that only gets colder as the night seeps in.

Check out this video for context: Got to hang out at Genting Skyworlds Theme Park and cuci mata 👀 #GentingSkyWorlds #GSWmemories #fypmalaysia #fashiontok2022 #gentinghighlands ♬ masquerade x mtr – jovynn

If those fits are right up your alley, then you know where to go!

2. Taman Paramount

@6shithead📍taman paramount♬ Kiss it better – Speed up songs 🎧

Taman Paramount started trending on social media platforms recently, much to the confusion of people who remember it as a simple town with classic kopitiams and frankly, not much activity.

However, the area has since undergone a major glow-up, with large-scale refurbishing projects that left the place bursting with new cafes, shopping sites and lots of things to do.

The new crowd is especially fond of the viral thrift shops and occasional markets with various unique vendors.

It has now become an unspoken rule to doll-up when you’re heading over, so much so it’s become a running gag amongst Gen Z:

In short, a trip to the ameliorated town is the perfect excuse to get your extra on while staying caught up on the latest fads.

3. Petaling Street


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While casual outfits are usually the norm here, Petaling Street is the place to go if you’re a fan of playing tourist.

With walls splattered with graffiti, eye-catching lanterns, beaming lights, florists and hidden bars, you’ll have your pick among oriental, modern and grungy vibes all compressed into one area.


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Minimal, vibrant or a mix of both? Chinatown leaves it all up to you.

4. Saloma Link

@iwancahjateng Saloma link,Kuala Lumpur di malam hari #kualalumpurmalaysia #anakrantau #kualalumpur #fypシ #denycaknan ♬ Kok Iso Yo – Denny Caknan

Saloma Link, also known as Pintasan Saloma, is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting Kampung Baru and KL city.

With a stunning view of the Twin Towers and the general city below, it’s not difficult to comprehend how and why local fashionistas are flocking to the area.


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Of course, if you’re like me and you enjoy incorporating spunky LED lighting to adorn your photos, then it’s best to visit the bridge at night, but daytime is just as good if municipal vibes are your thing; or if you simply want to up the amp on Twin Tower- OOTD shots.

5. Pavillion KL

source: Lifestyle Asia

An essential for the bad and boujee, because where else can you unapologetically bedeck yourself in your fanciest attire if not the town’s most prevalent couture shopping spot?

source: Lifestyle Asia

The likes of Coach, Bvlgari, Cartier and more await you here; so even if you can’t live like the other half, perhaps a lavish shot will do?

source: Sunway Hotels

Plus, the mall is a walking distance from other Instagrammable locations across Bukit Bintang, so it’s advisable to clear out your storage before visiting because five to ten clicks just won’t cut it.

6. BookXcess at RexKL

@placesmalaysia Legendary Rex theatre is now home to a cool maze-like BookXcess outlet that has many secret corners! 😍📚#bookxcess #rexkl #bookxcessrexkl ♬ original sound – Places Malaysia

This exquisite local bookstore serves you major academia with a hint of modern architecture.

Sport a smart-casual ensemble to blend right in, or put together a brave, standout piece for a stark contrast against the warm background.

source: BURO

No matter your aesthetic, even the simplest fits are brought to life when paired with Malaysia’s coolest bookstore.

7. Alor Street

@kartikatimur Alor street. #kualalumpur #livingabroad #sliceoflife ♬ 다라리 (DARARI) – TREASURE (트레저)

Dear arsty people: no, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Alor Street is probably the most visually-appealing personification of Malaysian spirit, with an abundance of our most popular street foods and busy markets.

The colourful streets and walls are irresistible to true style icons with an eye for art.

We’ll let this clip do all the talking:

@heartpatrick #tiktokmalaysia #stopmotion #jalanalor #bukitbintang ♬ original sound – heartpatrick

That concludes our list.

Stay tuned for more fun ideas and make sure to stay safe and sanitised as you embark on your voguish adventures!

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