These 5 Artworks Show Young Malaysians’ Concern About the Environment

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Images by Kid

With the rapid decline of the glaciers in the North Pole and the blazing heat that is slowly piercing the skies due to climate change, the world is in need of voices who’ll speak up and demand everyone do their part in ensuring the protection of our environment.

These messages of hope can be channelled through any kind of platform, whether it’s music, film or politics, or in this case, art. Create by Malaysian youths, this exhibition showcases our relationship with the world – it’s beauty, struggle and future.

The exhibition takes place at 1 Mont Kiara from March 13 until 27, where it coincides with Earth Hour. What better way to advocate for environmental friendliness than to take part in a global event along with an eco-art exhibition? A team effort between students of Mont Kiara International School and Mind Upward Learning Centre, featuring over 20 paintings, 8 photographs and 2 sculptures that demonstrate the realities of climate change.

While the average Malaysian might be clueless to the daily destruction of our world’s environment, this installation begs to differ that our youth are rightfully and actively concerned and taking charge of the issue.

Here, we’ve compiled five artwork that stood out the most to us, though we wished we could feature them all. Check them out below:






It’s refreshing to see young kids voicing out about an issue that some adults disregard. An exhibition like this could start a conversation, and that’s the first step towards building a better future for all.

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