Your Nightmares Come to Life in ‘Cool 3D World’

Still online at this hour? Why not, got anything better to do? Whether it’s memes, a video of people doing the worm dance in sh*t or just the sheer amount of trivial things that people argue about, you have to admit – the internet is both a happy and dark place.


Recently, I discovered a page on Instagram that does weird animation. It was kind of disturbing at first but after some time, it grew on me. If you’re easily grossed out–STOP NOW–this won’t not be your thing, but more often than not, it offers us a wonderful mashup of nightmares and fat grotesque creatures doing things that make absolutely no sense but is weirdly therapeutic.

The artists behind it are Brian Tessler and Jon Baken. It started as an outlet for their “imagination and sense of humour” and which has now spawned into a digital, alternate universe of its own.

“We’re always trying to push ourselves, there’s an infinite amount of things to learn and we’ve barely scratched the surface. As for the audience, we’re always happy to surprise people or show them something other than a perfectly rendered sphere,” says Baken in an article published by Dazed.

With that said, let’s explore it.

Welcome to Cool 3D World.

source: Cool 3D World on Facebook

WARNING: Contains grotesque, odd and haunting music.

The Dreaming Boy

Dream onnnnnnn! Dream onnnn!

Earth & Moon

A Life Well Lived

Still a better love story that Twilight.

Or check where it all started:

If you’re a person who’s open for an imagination warp, then check out these videos for good trip. (No drugs required).

Check out more of their work here.