The No.1 Romantic City in Malaysia is.. Sarawak!

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(source: The Star)

With the amount of Valentine’s post you’ve seen on IG this past weekend, you should be lovesick by now. Speaking of love and romance – Sarawak has been ranked the number one most romantic state in Malaysia and nope, it isn’t because of their breathtaking sunset views!

According to The Star, a study conducted by international e-commerce platform – checked the statistics of “romantic” queries on the internet in all states and created the ranking of the most romantic places in Malaysia.

The queries list consisted of terms like “Valentine’s Day”, “love confession”, “flowers”, “love”, and other words that are associated for that special day. They collected the data between the period of January and February last year, according to Google archived.

“During the period before Valentine’s Day, the frequency of searching these queries increased in the whole of Malaysia. However, in some places, interest surprising their significant other increased even more, and in some – notably less, ” explained in a statement.

The ranking also showed the top three highest interest in Malaysia below Sarawak is Johor and Sabah. Among all of Malaysia though – Kelantan, Terengganu and Putrajaya came in the last three spots. Maybe it’s because V-Day is haram kot..

But let’s just call them unromantic, LMAO.

Below is the full ranking of romantic Malaysian states:

(source: Picodi)

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