See The Margatulus Exhibition @ KL Lifestyle Art Space Showcasing Local Artist Fuji Anggara’s Works

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Are you into paintings?

If you are, be sure to catch Kuala Selangor-born artist, Noorfuji Anggara’s first solo exhibition held in Bangsar at the KL Lifestyle Art Space (KLAS).

The 26-year-old’s exhibition is titled “Margatulus” and debuted on Dec 8 of last year but has been extended to the 10th of January 2023. The exhibition is held from 10am to 7pm.

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In an article written by KL lifestyle, Fuji mentioned that Marga is an Indonesian term referring to a clan, family or particular community. Sometimes it is also used in reference to a family’s lineage.

He continued by explaining that the word Tulus “carries the meaning of sincerity, honesty and pure-heartedness, or wholeheartedness.

source: Facebook

“The combination of the two words culminates to Margatulus — a series of works that is a representation of my family, where I started, my development as an artist, my process of creating and the inspiration and experiences I seek around me.

“In addition, I produce one painting at a time, in various sizes, enhanced by positive expressions driven towards a visual spectacle that conceals a story within each painting.”

Fuji’s largest piece also called “Margatulus”, which measures at 183cm x 306cm, sold for RM19,000 in a week.


According to the Star, Datuk Gary Thanasan (pictured above), CEO of Mediate Communications Sdn Bhd, stated that they are “embarking on a paradigm shift to highlight more works by young emerging artists.

“Fuji studied fine arts at UiTM and is on a journey to discover his own artistic identity. He is inspired by Malaysian and foreign artists such as Neo Rauch, Francis Bacon, Datuk Ibrahim Hussein, Khalil Ibrahim and Yusof Ghani.”

Gary also mentioned that Fuji (pictured below) was the first young artist to display his artwork at KLAS.

source: The Star

“PreviousIy, I always looked to collaborate with famous and established artists because their works are higher in value and collectors can resell the art at a higher price.

“Already at a young age, Fuji has sold artworks worth over RM80,000. Therefore, we hired him as our resident artist.

“We also welcome collectors looking for artworks similar to Fuji’s,” said Gary.

 For inquiries, contact 019-333 7668 or visit KL lifestyle’s website or check out Fuji’s IG page.