Apom! Releases A Collection Of Kak Limah & Kampung Pisang Merchandise

source: OhSempoi

Mamat Khalid’s 2007 horror-comedy Zombi Kampung Pisang is no doubt a cult-classic. It’s a film that wasn’t just entertaining, but it was also written very well with subtle underlying themes. Bonus, it’s super quotable IRL.

There are three follow-up movies after that, and now there’s a new comedy series titled Kampong Pisang Bersiri-Siri coming to Astro Originals.

In conjunction with the series’ launch, local clothing brand Apom! drops #KAMPONGPISANGXAPOM, a new collection featuring characters from the Hantu Kak Limah-verse.

source: Apom!

There are t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and sticker packs that include references from the movie such as Warung Pak Jabit, which is  the stall where the characters hang out to gossip. A Warholesque pop art portrait of Hantu Kak Limah is also available.

Check them out below:

The #KAMPONGPISANGXAPOM collection is now available to purchase on apom.my