The Jaw-Dropping Photos From The National Geographic Nature Photography Contest ’17

Whether it’s their printed mag that started out as a scholarly journal circulated to society members in 1888, that now reaches 40 million readers a month, or their network of channels dedicated to exploring topics like earth, space, micro biology, urban living, and even pop culture; National Geographic has been inspiring folks to discover the beauty of the world we live in since forever.

The National Geographic Nature Photo Contest, the photography community’s yearly chance to get their photos – wildlife, landscapes, aerials, and underwater –  into the prestigious magazine, is accepting submissions until this Friday 17 November ’17. Since we first saw last year’s finalists, submissions have been flooding in and it looks like this year’s contest will be no less spectacular.

So far, there are 27 finalists picked based on beauty, composition, precision, and originality.

From the finalist, here are our fifteen favourite images:

1. Chase Teron

2. Andro Loria

3. Shane Gross

4. T Sweetman

5. M Engelmann

6. David Swindler

7. Pedro Carrillo

8. Diego Guerra Sabrido

9. Chris Bachman

10. Sunil Gopalan

11. Phillip Chang

12. Stas Bartnikas

13. Teri Zandi

14. Elizabeth Noftall

15. Gary Zeng

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