Fatima Al Qadiri: Asiatisch

A sinogrime distillation of Orientalism


Major Distraction: A Welcomed Disruption

KL-based photographer Romeo Shagba is a polymath whose lesser known half of his body of works is as an electronic artiste.


BIG Hotel

BIG Hotel isn’t big in the literal sense, but they are big on ideas.


+2dB: +

Along with VMPRMYTH, +2dB’s + EP confirms their position as one of the few electronic acts to watch out for in the coming years.


Heymun: A Malaysian Gal

Her career only started to take off in Australia, but Heymun is still the very picture of a Malaysian girl.


Africa Hitech: Traversing the UK Soundscape

“As a producer or musician, the point when you think all new music is rubbish is when you’ve probably lost it.” – Mark Pritchard


CONCLΔVE: The Autodidact

From the witch house track, ‘Portals’ to the Lana Del Rey-channelling ‘Ocean Star’, Conclave (stylised as CONCLΔVE) belongs firmly in the realm of bedroom producers.


Actress: Ghettoville

Darren Cunningham’s career as Actress might just be performance art by way of music production.


Warpaint: Love & War

JUICE spoke to all four members of Warpaint, manoeuvring topic to topic adeptly, from the supposedly more electronic sounds of the new record to the ease of their freeform jam sessions.


Sheila Majid & DANGERDISKO: Nostalchic

DANGERDISKO’s edit of Sheila Majid’s classic, ‘Sinaran’, was a viral hit that happened in real life (clubs to be specific). With a proper collaboration in the works and a performance together at FMFA2014, JUICE sat down with the boys of DANGERDISKO and Sheila herself for an extended chat.