Muka Merdeka: Malaysian Makeup Brands You Should Support

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The makeup world is slowly getting over-saturated with the plethora of products that seem to be released every other day, but if you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’ll welcome the endless options!

While we’re familiar with huge international names like Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Fenty Beauty which are housed in Sephora stores all over the world, what about Malaysian makeup brands? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite local-independent makeup brands that we think you should put on your face.

Not only do the products look and feel amazing, you’ll also be supporting the local industry. Who knows, you might just find your next favourite beauty brand here, on our own soil. So keep on reading and maybe by the end… you’d wanna treat yourself to some local goodies 😏😉💋

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1. Velvet Vanity

Velvet Vanity is one of the many Malaysian makeup brands that beauty junkies can’t get enough of. From their range of velvety matte finish liquid lipsticks in various shades and tones that suit our Asian complexions, to their fabulous liquid blushes, they have established themselves to be a cult favourite.

Their products are not only reasonable in price, but are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

One big moment for the brand was when Youtuber Tati (Glamlifeguru), who has 4.4 million subscribers, included their best-seller Florescence liquid lipstick in a video ‘INDIE MAKEUP TESTED | Brands you Need to Know!‘ If you want to see what Tati has to say about about Velvet Vanity’s matte liquid lip watch the video below! Tati gives her opinion on Velvet Vanity at 11:56.

Their Tati-approved liquid lipsticks retail on their website for RM49 each and their liquid ‘Glo with the Flo’ blushes retail at RM45 each.

We don’t wanna reveal too much, but look out for Velvet Vanity because something exciting is coming 😉

Follow Velvet Vanity on Instagram and shop their brand here.

2. Breena Beauty

Founded in 2014, Breena Beauty hopes that their range of products will be loved by makeup junkies for it’s quality and affordable price point. A brand that carries lip products, an eyeshadow palette and show stopping makeup tools – there is definitely something that you will fall in love with from the brand. Their Breena Blending Pearl, which comes in black or pink, has become a fan favourite for makeup application (and a great dupe for the Beauty Blender) within the Malaysian beauty space.

A product which describes itself–their Velvetcreme liquid lipsticks come in 18 beautiful shades, ranging from a light beige nude to a fiery orange. Each Velvetcreme liquid lipstick retails for RM39 or you can buy the Vault Collection which includes 12 of their most popular shades for RM396. Their Wanderlust 15 pan eyeshadow palette which is sold for RM99 includes a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, everything you would need on-the-go. Breena Beauty also carries a range of soft luxe brushes ranging from RM25-RM45. The set of brushes will assist you in getting your face beat to perfection for any occasion.

Follow Breena Beauty on Instagram and shop their brand here.

3. So.lek

The name SO.LEK were inspired by two things; <em>alat-solek</em> which means make-up in English, and the phrase “SO? Relax!” Aiming to provide makeup lovers with high quality products without breaking the bank, So.lek have established themselves in the Malaysian beauty space with their relaxed approach to marketing, with great price points and quality, because.. well, beauty shouldn’t have to break the bank!

So.lek have a variety of products for makeup junkies; from BB cushions to liquid lipsticks to even mascara and eyeliner. You can actually have a full game face just by using their brand!

Their creamy velvet matte liquid lipstick collections retail for RM39 whereas their Primadona classic bullet lipstick retails for RM45. So.lek have also released a series of recently-hyped ‘cushion’ makeup–the Mekar blush cushion retails for RM49, Seri BB cushion in 3 shades retails for RM55, Lentik mascara goes for RM39 whilst their Celak eyeliner costs RM29.

A full face of high quality makeup that won’t make my wallet cry for help? Yes please!

Follow So.Lek on Instagram and shop their brand here.

4. Nita Cosmetics

Inspired by the brand owner’s travels to Turkey and her own Malaysian roots and traditions, Nita Cosmetics were born and received kudos with the launch of the Traditional Matte Liquid Lipstick collection.

Through and through, Nita Cosmetics take inspiration and showcase the love for Malaysia and its culture and traditions. With products named after our beautiful traditional dresses, islands and drinks, there is definitely a charm that will entice you towards the brand. Whether it be nostalgia or the wearable colours and comfortable formula, there is something for everyone to pick up.

Among the collections that Nita Cosmetics have released, the ones that caught our eyes (we want to buy everything!) are the 5 lipstick collections as well as the 3 travel-size eyeshadow palettes. Lip products ranging from a satin sheer finish to bold matte liquid lipsticks retail from RM49 to RM69. Alongside their popular lipsticks, each eyeshadow palette retails for RM59 and consist of a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows that can take you from a day of running errands to your dinner date in a flash.

Follow Nita Cosmetics on Instagram and shop their brand here.

5. Dida For Women

Created for women by women, with hope to empower women through beauty: “Beauty is not just about the product. Dida promotes confidence and self-esteem through our high quality yet affordable cosmetics.” A brand that caters to all women, they have released a range of lipsticks, eye shadow singles and even liquid highlighters that have proven to be ride or die products for makeup fanatics.

Dida’s lip products range in different formulas to cater to your personal preferences whether it be your tried and true long-wearing velvet matte lip, or comfortable creme lipstick, or glammed up metallic topper.

Dida’s extensive range would lead anybody obsessed with makeup into a frantic argument with their inner-self: “OMG this is so cute… But I have so much makeup already… Do I NEED this?” The answer to that would always eventually turn into a “yes” but fear not, their prices will not break the bank! Their lip range retails from RM42-RM48, their single eyeshadows for RM32 each and glow worthy liquid highlighters for RM69 each.

Follow Dida on Instagram and shop their brand here.

6. Orkid Cosmetics

Orkid Cosmetics take pride in being a Halal-certified Malaysian makeup brand that focuses on representing the Muslim community within the beauty industry. Their motto is “Halal, Stylish, Confident.”

The brand carries various liquid lipstick shades from nudes to pinks to a bright red orange in their ‘matte suede’ formula. You can purchase their liquid lipsticks for only RM45 or in bundles of pairs (2) for RM85.

Orkid ensures that within the production of their products, they follow the halal requirements which include using strictly clean utensils and using raw materials that will not be harmful to humans. They are manufactured by a JAKIM-approved manufacturer in Malaysia and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Follow Orkid Cosmetics on Instagram and shop their brand here.

Found any new brands that you wanna spend your hard earned coins on? Take it from us, we personally love all these brands and their products so much that we even bought them ourselves.

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So there you have it… don’t let your Independence Day be a boring one. Let us know what you’ll be picking up to make your “Merdeka” face in the comments below!