Taylor’s College Moves to Lakeside Campus: Students Triggered

Students from Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College are not happy, but can we blame them?

Founded in 1969, Taylor’s was first established as a college, only reaching it’s university status in the year 2010. Today, Taylor’s has grown from their small campus in Jalan Pantai, Kuala Lumpur to the three well-known campuses today: Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, and finally, the renowned Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

Here comes the plot twist that’s got students from all three campuses tied in a knot:

Both college campuses in Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas will be officially moving to Taylor’s University Lakeside, and students are shell-shocked with the sudden change.

When the news officially broke out, there were multiple reactions from students. Part of them were excited to finally have access to the renowned Lakeside campus, some were dubious and brushed it off as a funny rumour, the rest… they were boiling with rage, to say the least.

Taylor’s University Lakeside is well known for it’s abundance of facilities and amenities such as it’s modern computer labs, 4-storey library equipped with a mini theatre, decked out lecture halls, and finally the lake, let’s not forget about the 5.5 acre manmade lake.

The move will begin early 2018, and is currently on its final leg of transition. According to Taylor’s College campus director, Josephine Tan, she believes that the move will be beneficial for all students from all three campuses. “… We believe that through the experience of being in an integrated campus, and having the opportunity to interact with counterparts who are doing their university degrees, our students will be able to thrive in the future…” said Tan.

Even so, students are not as fired up with the news as hoped, reluctant to hop on the joy wagon and unafraid to voice their dissatisfaction on the Taylor’s University confession page. A mini-war broke out between students from Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University, which was ultimately locked down by the admin of the confession page and students offering for both sides to make peace with the news.

Here’s what some of those unhappy campers commented:

The heat has died down considerably since the news broke out during July, and students are beginning to adapt with the change or “accept their fate” as some would say. 2018 will be a year of change for both Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University, whether for the worst or for the better, is still up for debate.

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