Whatsapp Went Down & Everyone Lost Their Minds

So WhatsApp went down globally for a few minutes and it made headline news.

The issue occurred because of a server problem and everyone was quick to get on Twitter or Facebook to ask others if their WhatsApp wasn’t working either. Apparently, people couldn’t send or receive messages using the Facebook-owned app. While the app looks normal, with chats and contacts able to load, but once a user tries to send anything, the app just shows a “connecting” message that never resolves itself or just a one-tick message.

Since the fault appeared to be on WhatsApp’s side, people were freaking out. Some even stated that they restarted their phone over and over again until they realised the phone was not the problem. But everything is back to normal as WhatsApp is okay again. Jesus, calm down, everyone.

Here are some tweets that were posted while this world crisis was happening: