Take a Look at How Diverse Children’s Bedrooms Can Be

Photographer James Mallison wanted to capture the diversity of living situations all over the world. So instead of just taking pictures of housing areas or slums, he went a bit deeper and discovered that he can portray the same theme through children’s bedrooms, and unfortunately more often than not, the lack of a proper bedroom as well.

The ‘Where Children Sleep’ photo series really shows the diversity and how different people’s lives can be. Just by looking at the bedrooms, we can immediately acknowledge how they spend their childhood, the socioeconomic status they live in, their interests, upbringing, and more. This project also raises awareness on certain issues like poverty and also the welfare of children.

Here are 20 photographs that James took:

Kaya, 4, Tokyo, Japan

Lehlohonolo, 6, Lesotho

Indira, 7, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bilal, 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank

Nantio, 15, Lisamis, Northern Kenya

Jaime, 9, New York, USA

Risa, 15, Kyoto, Japan

Rhiannon, 14, Darvel, Scotland

Erlen, 14, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jazzy, 4, Kentucky, USA

Roathy, 8, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Anonymous, 4, Rome, Italy

Douha, 10, Hebron, West Bank

Juan David,10, Medellin, Colombia

Lamine, 12, Bounkiling Village, Senegal

Hang, 5, Beijing, China

Alex, 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dong, 9, Yunnan, China

Joey, 11, Kentucky, USA

Syra, 8, Iwol, Senegal

Find the full collection here.

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