Tarik Jeans and Volkswagen Collaborate To Save the Malayan Tapir

source: Tarik Jeans

Homegrown denim-centric streetwear brand Tarik Jeans has recently announced a collaboration with renowned German automaker Volkswagen in their latest collection called the Modern Nostalgia Collection. Here are some photos taken from their official website displaying this new collection:

You might be wondering why and how exactly are Tarik Jeans and Volkswagen planning to save the Malayan Tapir? According to Tarik Jeans’ website, the main goal behind this collection is “to give back to the environment, local community and future generations” in an “initiative to improve the state of Malaysian wildlife”, whereby Tarik Jeans and Volkswagen will donate a part of the profits generated from this collaboration to the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Negeri Sembilan on World Tapir Day this 27th of April.

source: Tarik Jeans

Erik Winter, the managing director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (VPCM) also shared some words regarding VPCM’s decision to collaborate with Tarik Jeans in an article published by Malaysia Tatler:

“A key pillar for Volkswagen is sustainability. We’re pleased to play our part in this meaningful project, and we will certainly not stop here as we will continue to explore ways to contribute to making a difference.”

source: Giphy

We’re certain that streetwear fans, conservationists and Malayan Tapirs alike would appreciate the noble efforts of Tarik Jeans and Volkswagen to save one of our most beloved and critically endangered domestic faunas. The Modern Nostalgia Collection will feature a variety of clothing items and souvenirs such as t-shirts, caps, key chains and tote bags to a name a few.

Check out this promotional video to have a glimpse at the collection:

Or check out Tarik Jeans’ website for a closer look!

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