Indonesian Man Tries To Look Like The Rock, Ends Up Looking Like Wolverine

Can you smell what this bub is cooking?

source: detikNews

Apparently he was whipping up a likeness to the famous X-Men character Wolverine (the Hugh Jackman rendition to be specific). Meet 33-year-old Hendry Causa Sibala hailing from the port city of Makassar located in the South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

source: Tumblr

According to the Malay Mail, Hendry began using a beard growth serum sometime in 2018, to grow out a goatee similar to the one Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had playing Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious franchise as pictured above.

“The plan was to look like The Rock. Overtime, I was surprised to see that I looked different (more like Wolverine),” he said in an interview with detikNews.

source: detikNews

Fortunately for the internet and Hendry himself, it seems he has whole-heartedly embraced his new look after posting pictures of himself in character even donning Wolverine’s signature claws and hairstyle to match despite originally intending to look like Luke Hobbs.

Many Facebook users showed their support and amusement by posting side-by-side photo collages of himself and Hugh Jackman’s wolverine onto Hendry’s timeline. Some users have even gone so far to make posters of the 33-year old, one of which dubbed this bub as the ‘Wolverine from Toraja’ which is the regency of South Sulawesi that Hendry comes from.

It’s still uncertain at this point of time whether he’ll be trying another attempt to look like The Rock or Luke Hobbs specifically. As of right now though, he seems to be having plenty of fun being the ‘Wolverine From Toraja’.

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