Bring Back A Piece Of Malaysia When You Visit Apom’s New KLCC Store

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source: PropertyGuru

As a proud Malaysian, no matter where we are in the world, our country has a special place in our hearts. Malaysians and their home pride is tak lapuk dek hujan, tak lekang dek panas (something that will never change come rain or shine).

Going away for work or studies overseas can be challenging, especially when everywhere you look, there’s always someone sipping on their Starbucks. It’s easy for them, foreigners can come here and find Starbucks anywhere! But what if you’re homesickness or longing for some nasi lemak? Can we smuggle our go-to nasi lemak makcik from the side of the street to wherever we’re going?

Kak, nak 50 bungkus. source: McDonald’s Malaysia

It’s impossible but at Apom, you can sort of mend the heart a little bit by bringing a piece of Malaysia along with you, wherever you go.

Apom (A Piece of Malaysia) recently opened their store at KLCC – where all people, regardless if you’re a Malaysian or foreigner, can get something that reminds you of this wonderful rojak of a country.

source: Apom

The shop’s bright yellow tiles and greeting signs welcome everyone.

If you’re familiar with the brand, Apom is best known for combining Malaysian pop culture and nostalgia to make fun and cool products – by Malaysians and for the world.

You can shop for shirts, mugs, stickers, snacks and even take some cool pics at Jalan Bapak Kau. No, we’re not insulting/kidding you.

source: Apom

Check out some of the cool stuff at Apom’s store:

Uhmealya x Apom





We can’t list them all here, so how about you check out the place for yourself. Banyak barang cun kat sana!

Head to Apom for more info on the products.