Right Now, Sydney is the Warmest Place on Earth

Cover Image The Straits Times

As one of the most liveable suburbs to top the Sydney liveability list, Penrith officially became the warmest place on Earth last Sunday (7th of January). The Bureau of Meteorology announced that Penrith’s temperature on Sunday is the all-time hottest in Sydney, as it skyrocketted to 47.3 degrees Celsius at 3:25pm.

University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute also published a map, showing Down Under as the hottest continent globally on that Sunday.

According to Quartz, the last time it was this hot in Australia was the year World War II started. Thanks to natural killers: heat waves.

With the heat, denizens tried to beat the scorching weekend by heading over to beaches like Bondi Beach in Sydney. Umbrella to umbrella, the beach was hard to move around and emergency services were stretched over several critical incidents across NSW beaches.

Bondi Beach on that killer Sunday (source: The New York Times)
Mates cooling off in Penrith on the same day (source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

As the mark on the thermometer rises, the demand of water increases as well, making it Sydney’s highest level of water usage in 15 years.

Image result for sydney beach heatwave
Blow me please! (source: The Straits Time)

While the humans of Sydney cooled it off with water, animals had it bad in the intense Sydney heatwave. Last week we saw sharks freezing to death in the States, now thousands of bats are being boiled alive by the Sydney heat. These bats are fried to death in trees. Some even fall from the sky, boiled by the weather.

This summer, Sydney also witnessed a standstill on Hume Highway (a highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne). The road tar melted by the extreme heat made it hard for cars, as they had to dodge the “sticky mess”.

To help you picture how scorching it is in Sydney, check out this video showing a man cooking bacon and eggs in his car, using the Sun in Perinth during last summer’s heat wave:

Perhaps Malaysia ain’t that hot after all. Still, always stay hydrated, and crack open a cold one if that’s your thing.