6 Magical Rainbow Desserts You Can Find in Malaysia

The rainbow food trend started a few years ago, but unlike other trends out there, the rainbow food trend won’t be going anywhere in the Age of the ‘gram. There’s just something very satisfying about consuming these beautiful, vibrant treats, some might even hold back from doing so because they’re just too beautiful to eat!

Like how it takes time to look the part (ladies, you know what I’m talking about), it takes a whole lot of work and food-colouring for these desserts to look the way they do. So it’s safe to say that these treats are hard to come by locally despite what goes on in the States.

Here are 6 rainbow goodies you can find, easily, in Malaysia:

1. Dreamy Rainbow Drinks

I know what you’re thinking. These drinks look absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! With all the rainbow food trends out there, this might be the dreamiest one of the lot. Dream Color (no shit) is Taiwan’s “most Instagrammable drink” as their tagline claims, and we wholeheartedly agree! There are four series in Dream Color—the Butterfly series, Cloud series, Fruit series, and the Tea series. The best thing about them? The dreamy-looking drinks are purely coloured by fruits and flowers as claimed by the company.

You can get a hold of one of these beauties at: Lot G-11, Sunway Giza Mall.

2. Rainbow Bagels

A post shared by Bowery KL (@bowerykl) on

A post shared by Bowery KL (@bowerykl) on

*inserts heart-shape eyes emoji* Don’t they look absolutely amazing? Not to mention huge. The rainbow bagel trend started from The Bagel Store in New York, but now Malaysia has them too! The price? RM10.90 for one yummy-licious treat!

You can get this yummy cream cheese stuffed bagel at Bowery Petit in TTDI.

3. Rainbow Milkshake

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A post shared by Bowery KL (@bowerykl) on

Rainbow bagels? Nope, Bowery Petit isn’t stopping there with the rainbow treats. So they one-upped themselves and introduced the Rainbow Bagel Crazy Shake! The monstrosity is stuffed with whip-cream, rainbow sprinkles, and bits of their best-selling Rainbow Bagel. Sweet-tooth combo unlocked! If you could taste a rainbow, it’d taste like this.

4. Rainbow Cheese Toast

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Definitely not your average cheese toast, this Rainbow Cheese Toast looks 100% drool-worthy! It might look like an ordinary toast when they first place it on your table, but pull the toast apart and you’ll find your little piece of rainbow… made out of cheese and stuff all things wonderful.

You can find the Rainbow Cheese Toasts at Loaf U (sounds like “Love You”, geddit?) in Penang!

5. Rainbow Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwich

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Negative Celsius has made a masterpiece. Their Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the most unique and special ice creams you can find in town! The colourful macarons paired with your choice of ice-cream and toppings have become a huge hit. The food truck goes around the Klang Valley so you’ll have to track them down as they move around constantly.

Find them on the map at Negative Celsius’ Instagram.

6. Rainbow Pisang Goreng

Let’s not forget local desserts. Malaysians have an unhealthy obsession with cheese. So add cheese and rainbow together, and bam! You get the best of both worlds. You can probably find Pisang Goreng everywhere, but Rainbow Cheese Pisang Goreng? Good luck with that.

The founder of these goodies, Pisang Kejuk sets up shop at Gudang Makang Manir from 5.30pm to 11.30pm and Flat Hiliran from 12.30pm to 6pm in Terengganu daily, and they also do delivery so you can get a hold of them at 012 959 5204.