Swipe Right for Books

January is often the quietest month of the year for nightlife and 2018 is no different. Everyone seems to be in the mood to change and make improvements to oneself. So we challenge you to wake up early on the first Sunday of the year and go out and get some sunshine, god knows we need some in this dreadful weather.

If you’re anything like me, a broke ass bro who appreciates a good book or two, then KL Book Exchange has something just right for you. KL Book Exchange is a community of readers dedicated to promoting the romance of reading and aim to make the activity a much more convenient, sociable and enjoyable experience for readers. You might even meet a broke ass sista.

So how does it works? It is quite simple really…

To exchange:
1. Meet up every first Sunday.
Location : TM Point open parking, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Time : 8.45am – 10.45am

2. Bring your book (in acceptable condition; no magazines, hobby, travel, revision books) for exchange.
                                   ** (Get some digits from someone with the same taste an interest)

3. Choose a book (and if you’re lucky, a boo) to take home.

So if you were complaining there are no good book to read or you got no money to buy one, then get down there this Sunday for the first book exchange of 2018.

Getting a book to read is never easier. Bring your books & exchange for another, for free – with these lovely souls. Get involved with your community and contact them for more details or if you have any suggestions. Make this your Sunday morning habit of 2018 (yes, even you guys who like to spend Saturday night out partyin’) and follow them to stay up to date.