‘Suamiku Encik Sotong’ Actor Sharnaaz Wants To Beat Up A Teen For Crossdressing

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(source: OhBulan)

Another day, another new drama that’s stirring up in Twitterjaya and we’re here to spill it all. Local actor, Sharnaaz Ahmad tweeted in rage that he wanted to beat up a young Instagram star, Faiz Roslan for posting up a video of Faiz crossdressing with his friends.

On 18 May, Faiz posted a parody video (now deleted) of him and his friends dancing and lip-synching to a song while crossdressing as women on YouTube. Faiz is known for posting videos like this and it is what made him into an Instagram star today.

(source: OhBulan)

Although not shocking to his fans, the Malay community was shook because he uploaded the video on the second day of Ramadhan. It was seen as disrespecting the holy month. As usual, the video went viral the day after, but Faiz soon realised his mistake and wrote a long apology in regards on the video.


It didn’t stop there as the video grabbed the attention of Sharnaaz. In case you’re unfamiliar with him, he is a 32 year old actor who usually plays the role of antagonist.

Not only is he problematic on screen, he is problematic in real life too. Just google his name and you’ll find plenty of articles to back that up. Keep in mind that Sharnaaz himself has played a “soft character” in ‘Suamiku Encik Sotong’.

(source: Karangkraf)

As people were bashing and advising Faiz, Sharnaaz took it up a level and demanded an address for him to put the kid in ICU. Anger issues much? Take a look at his tweets for yourself:

Yeap, that just happened. Probably wanting some cheap publicity, huh? Well here it is.

Tonnes of netizens are speaking out stating that this behaviour of Sharnaaz is clearly not acceptable in the month of Ramadhan as well. Since when do we need to play the role of God and inflict violence in the name of religion – IN THIS HOLY MONTH? Idk man. God doesn’t need protection. Something’s not right here…

Anyway, check out what netizens have to say about Sharnaaz:







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