Student Chided For Listing ‘Peranti Siswa’ Tablet Online As He Wanted To Switch To An iPad

source: Kosmo

A recent viral post has led to a student being criticised for his act of listing a Samsung Tab A8 gadget obtained through the ‘Peranti Siswa‘ initiative via the Malaysian Family Student Device Program, just because he wanted to switch to an iPad instead.

The topic first gained the attention of netizens when a screenshot of the listing was shared on the B40 Buat Perangai Apa Hari Ini Facebook Page.

“Got it from Peranti Siswa, it’s useless. Reason for selling, because I want to change to an iPad for student use. Need it for writing and making notes,” wrote the student.

Netizens collectively opined that the student was behaving in an ungrateful manner, urging him to “please return the tab so that the government can give it back to students in need”, especially since the tab was provided to students using the tax money that Malaysians pay.

Some even stated that the seller should be blacklisted from the site for misusing his student aid. Currently, the listing cannot be found via searches on the e-commerce platform, leading many to believe that it may have since been taken down.

source: The Star

In early April, Annuar Musa, Minister of Communications and Multimedia, took to Twitter to tease photos of a new student tablet, while announcing that the Peranti Siswa Keluarga Malaysia programme is expected to launch for registration on the 15th.

The programme is a government initiative in collaboration with selected telecommunication companies to supply a tablet device to every B40 student in institutions of higher learning (IPT).

At the time, it was reported that approximately 400,000 students will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 LTE branded device. Tan Sri Annuar Musa was also quoted as saying that the brand and model offered by the Samsung company can support 4G and LTE network sim card users.

As per Technave, students who have obtained these tablets are not permitted to sell them, as stated in the Peranti Siswa terms and conditions. The website does not specifically state what legal repercussions these students will face; it only states that the Program Administrators will penalise them.

There are now no serious repercussions if you purchase these Peranti Siswa tablets, despite the fact that doing so is immoral.

The Peranti Siswa loading screen, however, is essentially a dead giveaway that you are using one of these tablets rather than something you obtained in a more direct fashion.