Student Fabricates Kidnapping Attempt In Police Report To Avoid Punishment For Coming Home Late

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Most of us have stayed out well past our curfew at least once or twice, and even at the semi-ripe ages of adolescence (Ed’s Note: hello Gen Z), we still dread the chiding from the elders that we’re anticipating at home.

But how far would you go to avoid being punished over tardiness?

A Year Four male student was allegedly willing to file a false police report upon ‘experiencing fear’ after nearly being abducted in Taman Angsana, Kulim, Kedah, as per Oh My Media.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the child actually made up the account of the incident documented in the police statement filed on September 17, according to Kedah Police Chief Datuk Wan Hassan Wan Ahmad.

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The student had reported that at around 3.30pm, an unknown man approached him and his 13-year-old brother in a residential street and inquired about where a school was located.

The youngster supposedly went with his brother to show the individual where it was.

Additionally, he asserted that the man urinated in a neighbouring woodland while still on the way, going on to say that they overheard the man discussing the kidnapping scheme with a friend he spoke to on his mobile phone.

The child claimed he had to rush to the main road and asked a stranger for assistance in sending him home.

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Further inquiry revealed, however, that the child involved had simply chosen to file a police report out of fear of being reprimanded by his family for arriving home late that day.

“To clarify the situation, we’ve called the student’s parents. The situation is categorised as no offence (NOD),” Wan Hassan added.

As a result, the police rejected the claim of an attempted kidnapping involving the student.

In addition to the false report, a viral Facebook post illustrated that the victim was held captive near a shrimp pond behind a school but managed to escape.

Wan Hassan cautioned the people not to readily trust and spread rumours which have not been verified, particularly concerning sensitive topics. It is reported that the owner of the account in question has already removed his post.