Student Charged With Siti Nur Surya’s Murder Will Face Death Penalty If Guilty

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(source: The Star)

According to NST, the main suspect of the infamous murder case of Siti Nur Surya, a young woman who was found stabbed to death, has been charged in the magistrate’s court here today (November 16). The charge carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.

However, no plea was recorded from Siti Nur Athirah Azmi, 19, after the charge was read out before Magistrate Engku Nurul Ain Engku Muda.

The form six student, who was clad in the purple police lock-up uniform, looked calm when she arrived at the court at 9.36 am.

According to the charge under Section 302 of the Penal Code, Athirah had murdered Surya, 19, between 8:30am and 9:30am on 1 Nov 2020, in a house in Kampung Lubuk Batu, Jalan Bukit Tadok, Telemong, in Hulu Terengganu.

(source: NST)

The prosecution was conducted by deputy public prosecutor Amer Abu Bakar Abdullah, while lawyer Mazlan Md Zain, from the National Legal Aid Foundation, represented the accused. The court set 10 January 2020 for mention.

Athirah was first arrested at the Telemong police station at 8:15am on 2 Nov when she turned up for questioning with her mother.

In case you missed it, Surya who was looking after her bedridden mother, was found stabbed to death in the living room by her 15-year-old sister who returned from school at about 2:30pm. Soon after, the suspect claimed that she was often mocked by the deceased over her looks and the family’s poverty-ridden background.

Police have also learnt that a vicious fight had taken place between both 19-year olds following an argument during which the gruesome murder happened, leaving her wrist severed and suffering multiple injuries to her neck and body.

(source: Amazingnara)