28 y/o Man Who Murdered M’sian Girl In Taiwan Preyed On Her When She Was Walking Alone

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(source: Taiwan Online/The Star)

Crimes involving women victims in the news have been very overwhelming this week. As the nation was shocked by the Surya murder-case which happened in Terengganu a few days ago, the discovery of a Malaysian student’s body in Taiwan unfolded at the same time.

If you missed this case out, here’s the full timeline as to what happened so far…

According to Today Online, a Malaysian business student was reported missing by Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan, Taiwan on 29 October.

The missing 24-year-old was Irene Chung and she was last seen on CCTV footage walking near Changda Road on the night of the 28th. She vanished as she walked north on an underpass beneath a viaduct near the entrance to the university.

At the site, police found one of her shoes on the underpass.

CCTV footage of Chung last seen at the underpass. (source: SAYS)

Taiwan police then decided to track down a license plate of a car that was spotted in the area around the same time Chung was there. Soon after, they found the car owner who is a 28-year-old man known as Liang and proceeded to question him.

Under questioning, Liang admitted he strangled Chung to death with a rope that he had allegedly planned to bind her with. It is believed the man had lurked around the underpass with the intention of sexually assaulting a lone female at night.

The assault plan turned into murder when the suspect tightened the rope too strong around her neck which led to her suffocating to death.

Chung’s body was left in the mountains of Kaohsiung. Police managed to find the deceased with the rope.

Students and teachers at Chang Jung Christian University commemorating the victim (source: Taiwan News)

According to The Star, when news broke regarding the incident, the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen apologised to the family of the victim and to the people of Malaysia as a whole on 1st November.

During a high-level national security meeting in Taipei, the Taiwan President asserted that the incident has seriously tarnished the country’s image and that the problems in Taiwan’s society must be thoroughly reviewed so that such a tragedy would not happen again.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Premier, Su Tseng-chang also extended his apologies and stressed that instructions have been given to the relevant agencies to assist the victim’s family to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Irene Chung’s parents (source: Taiwan News)

On 2nd November, the victim’s parents flew in from Malaysia to Taiwan and went to a mortuary in Kaohsiung to identify the body. They were later issued a death certificate for their daughter, who has been cremated after being flown back to Malaysia recently.

The victim’s father during an interview with Taiwan media said that he wishes to see the criminal sentenced to death as to send a warning to others.

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