Religious Teacher Allegedly Slams Student To Chair, Breaking His Leg, For Delay In Fetching Quran

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source: Twitter

A Fardu Ain (Kafa) teacher reportedly slammed a student to his seat at a school in Marang, Terengganu, breaking his right leg.

The case, affecting a nine-year-old victim, is thought to have occurred on July 6.

According to sources, the victim’s 36-year-old mother realised something was amiss around 5 p.m. on the same day, after he claimed that his leg felt sore.

“The victim told her that a teacher hoisted and slammed him onto a chair, injuring his leg. It was alleged that the educator responded in this manner because he was dissatisfied with the victim’s conduct in class,” the source confirmed, as reported by NST.

For illustration purposes only. (source: Medical News Today)

The victim was then taken to a medical centre after it was determined that he had a broken leg, and a police report was filed last Friday for further investigation.

When approached today, Marang District Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Zain Mat Dris affirmed obtaining a report on the matter.

“Further research is indeed being conducted in accordance with Section 325 of the Penal Code,” he noted.

Section 325 pertains to causing grievous harm wilfully. Those convicted of the offence may face a prison sentence of up to seven years, as well as a fine.

source: Twitter

Journalist Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap also called attention towards the matter via a Twitter post featuring a photo of the injured victim.

He explained that the source of the teacher’s frustration was that the male pupil was too slow to fetch the Holy Quran as requested for the lesson. Attached was a photo of the victim clad in a blanket covering his body and face, with his right leg exposed and wrapped in a bandage.

The tweet, which was posted yesterday, has since earned the concern of angry netizens and nearly 1,000 retweets along with a thread of replies condemning the teacher’s actions.

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