Streets in Taipei Hauntingly Empty As Citizens Go Into ‘Voluntary Lockdown’ to Curb Covid-19

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source: Tsungnan Yuan/Facebook

There’s nothing more chilling than to see previously busy spots in our cities now devoid of people or activity amidst the pandemic. Despite that, this necessary precaution is crucial in ensuring that citizens isolate themselves at home to curb the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Recently, citizens of Taipei have taken it upon themselves to engage in ‘voluntary lockdown’ due to the rising cases in their city.

On Monday (May 17), the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that there were 335 new Covid-19 cases, two imported and 333 local infections, which is a record one-day high for Taiwan since the pandemic began.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je.
source: Taiwan News

Taipei mayor, Ko Wen-je, also highlighted at a press conference that 158 of the latest cases were situated in Taipei.

In light of the collaborative effort of citizens in Taipei, Ko suggested that universities be shut down as well to further increase the efficacy of the lockdown.

After over a year of keeping the virus in check, the Taiwanese are terrified of the latest developments.

source: Tsungnan Yuan/Facebook

Recognising the dire situation, Taipei issued a Level 3 alert on Saturday (May 15) which requires people to wear a mask outdoors for the first time & limits gatherings.

If conditions persist, a Level 4 alert might be issued which means members of the public are only allowed to leave home to buy food, to seek medical care and for work needs.