Satellite Images Show a World Without People

Wuhan, China (source: Maxar)

These comparison images from Maxar Technology are eerily reminiscent of opening shots from our favourite post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows..

Since Covid-19 has been deemed a pandemic, countries across the globe are currently in isolation to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Everyone (well, almost everyone) is staying at home and minding their own business which means streets, restaurants, airports and religious establishments are practically empty.

Hazrat Masumeh Shrine, Iran (source: Maxar)

This is why Maxar decided to document the current situation since they have visual documentation of previous incidents such as the Hurricane Katrina and big forest fires. Granted, none of those are this massive in scale so they have gathered several pictures from around the world that show the impact of Coronavirus towards civilisation.

Kaaba, Mecca (source: Maxar)

Maxar director, Stephen Wood, called the pandemic “unprecedented”, for he had never seen anything like it in his 20 years of being with the company. The only place that seemed to be business as usual was Florida during spring break. Tsk tsk, shame on you Floridians!

Beijing (source: Maxar)

Despite how chilling these images are, they are not for face-value only, in fact, they serve a much bigger purpose. Maxar has helped the American government during forest fires and other disasters to pinpoint where new hospitals and fire departments should be built to ensure speedy response and assistance. Now, with the images around the world, Maxar is able to provide global assistance. Wood mentions that Maxar’s archive will play a role in history one day.

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