Spotify To Raise Almost Every Premium Subscription Plan For Malaysian Users In September

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(source: Ty Pendlebury/CNET)

Last week, BFM reported that Spotify was raising its subscription prices in a number of countries, including Singapore, Thailand, and 50 others.

Malaysia, on the other hand, was left off the list of countries affected by the price increase.

Unfortunately, this was not the case for long, as Spotify started notifying its users yesterday, 1 August, that the subscription price for almost all of their plans will change in September.

(source: Spotify via The Verge)

The new Spotify subscription prices

Spotify announced on its website that the Individual Premium subscription will be adjusted to RM15.90 per month, receiving a RM1 increase from the previous RM14.90 price tag.

The Duo plan sees the biggest price increase, rising from RM19.80 to RM21.50 per month, while the Family plan now costs RM24.90 per month, up from RM23.80.

Spotify has also increased the price of the Student plan from RM7.50 to RM8.50 per month.

The only subscription plan that will remain at the same price is the Mini plan, which costs RM0.75 per day and allows users to save 30 songs at a time on their smartphones.

(source: Spotify)

According to Spotify, the price hike is crucial as it is a measure that will help sustain the company’s commitment to enhancing its product offerings and features.

However, existing Spotify Premium subscribers will only be charged the new prices in their September bill, allowing users to enjoy their current plans one last time.

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