#SorryJungin: Korean Couple Abuses Their Adopted Baby to Death, Records 800 Videos of Torture Sessions

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(source: Twitter)

On Twitter today, #SorryJungin can be seen trending all over Asia, including Malaysia. This horrifying case of child abuse was brought to light in a recent episode by Korean network SBS called ‘Unanswered Questions’.

The programme covered the tragic news of an adopted female child named Jung In who passed away last year in October. According to Koreaboo, the 16-month infant was revealed to have suffered severe damage to the pancreas and to other major organs after being carried into the hospital emergency room.

It was also discovered that her stomach was full of blood and that her limbs and collarbones were broken. The doctor who took charge of her autopsy commented, “How could she have lived every day in this appalling manner?”

It was revealed by the programme that the baby, who was adopted when she was only 6 months old, was repeatedly abused by her new parents, Jang and Ahn. According to the investigation, the parents had regularly neglected the child, leaving her alone inside the car or at home, and had physically assaulted her multiple times.

(source: Koreaboo)

Earlier in the investigation, both Jang and Ahn denied the allegations and insisted they have “nothing to do with the death of Jung In”. The police, however, found that Jang had filmed over 800 videos of herself physically and mentally abusing Jung In.

With the abuse being confirmed by the police and knowing that Jung died of “damages to the abdomen by an external force”, many Koreans became furious at the news – especially because this family had even appeared on a TV show together, pretending to be a loving family.

Ahn (top left) and Jang (top right) with Jung In (bottom left) on EBS’s “One Average Family”.

Many were also furious that the police had ignored reports – mainly from Jung’s daycare teacher and paediatrician who suspected that Jung was being abused by the couple. Some Koreans even pinned the blame on the authorities as they believed the cops could have save Jung had they acted sooner.

Following the episode which was deemed “the most traumatising” episode of the series, petitions have been created to incessantly push the Korean government and legal system for heightened punishments against crimes involving children. Many also petitioned for Jang and Ahn to be tried for attempted murder versus child abuse.

For now the hashtag #SorryJungin is trending, filled with unsettled emotions as many try to bring awareness to this tragic incident: