Netizens Call Out The “Double Standard” Over JKR’s Apology To KJ’s Pothole Mishap

(source: Ask Legal & Twitter Screenshots)

ICYMI, minister Khairy Jamaluddin sustained bruises on his face during his bicycle ride after his bicycle hit a pothole which landed him in a ditch.

According to NST, the Rembau member of parliament shared his ordeal when he uploaded several pictures on his Twitter with the caption, “Pothole, ditch, KJ. 2020 keeps giving”.  However, he did not identify the exact time and location where the incident took place.

Meanwhile, the minister’s aide confirmed that KJ had only sustained minor injuries and that it was nothing serious.

Slightly more than five hours later at 8:42pm, the Kuala Langat Public Works Department, JKR responded to Khairy on Twitter. It said: “Kuala Langat JKR apologises for the incident that befell the minister, will take immediate action over the issue and pray for YB’s speedy recovery.”

After witnessing the swift response, netizens became riled-up! Twitter users were quick to express their disgust over the apathy shown by the authorities in patching up potholes in roads under their jurisdiction.

Take a look: 

The dire conditions of roads have been highlighted many times before by the community. One such individual even placed a tombstone in a pothole to emphasise how this unresolved matter can cause deaths.

This issue shouldn’t just be taken seriously when a member of parliament is involved, it should be taken seriously regardless of who made the complaint.