Toddler Who Misses Her Parents Is Caught Calling Out To Them On CCTV

(Source: Daily Star)

Being a parent is not easy. There are many sacrifices that has to be done, including working far away from home and not seeing your children for the sake of giving them a bright future.

Recently, a heartbreaking video of a 1-year-old girl in the Chinese city of Anqing shows her looking at her house’s CCTV camera calling out for her parents to return. She can be heard mouthing the words “Papa” and ” Mama” while closely staring into the camera by the front door.

Mr. Chang, 35, the father of the girl explained that he and his wife had left their daughter with her grandmother as they had to travel five hours to work in another city near Shanghai.

(Source: Daily Star)

He also explained that both of them rarely return home due to the long-distance. They also rarely talk to their daughter as she naps at lunchtime and sleeps early at night.

Mr. Chang who understands that his daughter misses them both dearly hopes to return home early this year especially for Chinese New Year, in order to reunite with her.