Accused of Being Drunk, Lorry Driver Who Suffered & Died From Cardiac Arrest Could’ve Been Saved

In case you missed it, a video was uploaded to Tik Tok of a collision between a truck and three cars on Jalan BRP 8/2 Sungai Buloh.

The video quickly went viral as it depicts a man, who is visibly struggling to form words or even move, in the driver’s seat of the truck.

The person taking the video labelled him as a drunk before panning the camera to capture the damage of the collision.

Check out the video below:

Now, it has been revealed that the driver was 49-year-old Ahmad Sukri Abd Samad and that he wasn’t drunk, he was actually in cardiac arrest during the video. He passed away shortly after at Hospital Sungai Buloh.

A friend of Ahmad Sukri stitched the original video and explained the real situation. He expressed his anger at how Malaysians immediately called his friend a drunk when he was actually suffering from a heart attack at the time of the video.

Currently, the family is deeply saddened by the death of their loved one and the slander that has fallen upon him during his last moments alive.

37-year-old Mohd Azmi Abd Samad, brother to the deceased, said, “If the slander didn’t happen, maybe my brother could have been sent to the hospital much earlier and maybe it would’ve saved his life.”

At the hospital, his sister, Rosilawati Abd Samad, informed him that there was a video involving their brother but the original poster was reluctant to show them.

However, they found out through a colleague of their brother’s that the video had gone viral and that the individual who posted it had accused their brother of being drunk behind the wheel.

He was also informed by his sister that several witnesses at the scene wanted to help Ahmad Sukri but stopped once they heard the allegations made towards him by the original poster of the video at the scene.

While most people have changed their tune once knowing the truth, some still blamed the deceased for not stopping by the side of the road if he knew he was suffering from a heart attack.

“I’m confident that if my brother could withstand the pain, he would have done that. Nobody knows the pain he was in during that time,” Mohd Azmi said.

As of right now, the family is in discussion about making a police report towards the vile commenters and the original poster of the video.

“At first we didn’t want to take any action but after reading the comments, we feel like we need to.

“So now, we want to make a police report, not as a means of punishing them but as a means of teaching everyone a lesson.”

Malaysians are shell-shocked by the events that have transpired from this one viral video.

Celebrity doctor and influencer, Dr. Shazril Shaharuddin even reposted the video with a lengthy caption, expressing his sadness and explaining the dangers of cardiac arrest.

He said, “The video of the lorry driver who was accused of being drunk is very disappointing. Without any evidence, he was accused as such and received no help from the people around him. If you observe the video, you can see that he is writhing in pain while his left hand is clutching his chest. I know most people won’t be able to see this but must we accuse him like that?

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At the moment, netizens are expressing their condolences to the family and sadness that Malaysians have been so conditioned by drunk driving cases that it becomes the first explanation when met with a situation like this.

But others who are more cognisant are now taking the time to educate the public on the importance of knowing the symptoms of cardiac arrest as well as how to help them.

Read them below:

Our condolences go towards the family and we hope that Malaysians will be more knowledgeable moving forward.