Subang Jaya Landmark, Holiday Villa Subang Ceases Operations

The Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre in Subang. (source: Booking & Google Maps)

If you live or study in the greater Subang Jaya area, chances are you are familiar with the emblematic Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang complex. Situated on the bank of the Subang Ria Lake park, the hotel has seen many events big and small over its 33 years of continuous operation.

However, if you were planning on getting married there someday, you’re now out of luck, as they have recently ceased operations. Another casualty on the long list of businesses kneeled by the ongoing pandemic, the owners IJM Land made the decision to shutter the hotel on 1 October this year.

One of the majestic ballrooms on site. (source: WedResearch)

Part of the Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts conglomerate, it opened in 1988 and was a popular destination for business and leisure visitors alike. It’s sprawling, 309-room hotel also comes equipped with a litany of facilities, counting five F&B outlets and three ballrooms.

Initially benefitting from its proximity to the Subang Airport, the business took a significant hit once KLIA opened ten years later further afield in Sepang, which then saw many international customers take their patronage elsewhere.

The operators had only just completed major renovation works back in 2014, so it would be a safe assumption that if not for prevailing conditions, the hotel would have lived to fight another day.

Look at that beaut. (source: TripAdvisor)

It was reported that IJM Land is not currently considering selling the business outright, as the 2.75 hectare development sits on a prime piece of land which would not fetch a fair price in the current depressed market.

Whatever the future may hold for this venue, pour one out for the memories. If these walls could talk…