Single & Sad? Tinder Launches New Features To Find You A Person To Cosy Up With During Lockdown

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Swiping on dating apps nowadays is as dangerous as playing a game of Russian roulette. You never know if your next match might be the bomb that implodes your state of mental well-being or the love of your life.

It’s all very tricky and migraine-inducing but dating app giant, Tinder, has been working on a new feature that might take the guesswork out of online dating.

Known previously as an app for casual hook-ups, Tinder has since popularised itself for being a matchmaking app with numerous of its past users finding their future spouses through their algorithm.

Tinder Profile Videos & Hot Takes Update: New Features Explained
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Now, the app is introducing a new feature called ‘Hot Takes’, which is a multiple-choice questions minigame where users can engage in flirty banter.

Think of it as an exam, but a hot and steamy one that might determine if you get laid that night. High stakes if you ask me!

Not only that, Tinder is also providing the option to add video clips to user profiles so swipers can catch a glimpse into each other’s lives through more than just still images.

I bet all aspiring musicians, skaters and athletes are downloading the app as we speak just so they can show off their skills.

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Me after successfully tricking a guy into thinking I’m interesting (source: Girl From Nowhere, Netflix)

Knowing their audience, Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone states that the largest demographic on the app is the Gen Z generation.

“Twenty-somethings today want something a little bit different, which is more substantive and more virtual-first. That trend, generationally, was pre-Covid. Then Covid just really cemented it across all generations,” Lanzone said in a statement.

Well, regardless of what age you are, everyone deserves to find love and maybe with the help of these new features, you won’t be spending the rest of your life booking a table for one.