Kind-Hearted Singaporean Lady Returns RM42,000 To A Diner Who Misplaced It At Her Hawker Stall

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source: Majalah Laundry

Don’t you just hate it when you leave things behind? Try to make a habit of patting yourself down to make sure that your phone, wallet, keys and any other essential items remain on your person when hanging outside.

That might sound blatantly obvious but people tend to be forgetful and misplace things every now and then. Such was the case for a diner who left an insanely large sum of money behind while dining at a hawker stall in Jurong West, Singapore.

source: Malaymail

According to Malay Mail, the diner had left behind a sling bag after finishing his meal. 37-year-old bak kut teh seller, Jalynn Woon (picture above), was working the stall where the man ate at when she noticed the abandoned bag and decided to inspect it.

Inside, she discovered a fat stack of SG$100 (RM330) notes but instead of nefariously keeping the cash for herself (like many of us would, let’s be honest), she tucked it away somewhere safe as she felt that the man would eventually return for his belongings.

source: Videvo

And so he did. The diner, who went by the name of Bay, returned to the hawker stall hours later with a worried look on his face before getting his bag back from Woon.

Bay explained to Woon that the money was meant to be used for his younger brother’s funeral after thanking her for the kind-hearted act. It was also revealed that a whopping total of SG$13,000 (RM42,904) was in the bag!

As a means of showing his gratitude, Bay promised Woon that he and his friends would make it a habit to eat at her stall called Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh more often.