M’sian Man Warms Netizens’ Hearts With Proposal To GF Of 11 Yrs At Local Mayday Concert

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source: Facebook

When better to seal the deal on your relationship than at a concert during the month of love?

After popping the question to his girlfriend of 11 years at a Mayday event held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on Saturday (February 11), a Malaysian man grabbed media attention and earned a handful of nationwide “aww”s.

source: Facebook

Classic romcom style, the gentleman, Lee Kuanyung, got down on one knee in front of a large number of concertgoers, flashing his unsuspecting girlfriend a wedding ring during the show. She accepted the proposal and the couple then shared a kiss and embraced one another as the crowd erupted in jubilant applause.

Needless to say, the wholesome exchange was filmed and the clip went viral online shortly after.

To top it all off, Lee also wrote a heartfelt message to his fiancée on Facebook:

“Today marks the conclusion of our 11-year relationship as a couple; we will now become newlyweds.We have seen two Mayday concerts together throughout the course of our 11-year relationship. Yet, this Mayday concert will always be a treasured memory for us,” he said.

Towards the closing of his article, he thanked his friends, who were also seen sporting a banner which read ‘Wedding Proposal’ among the large throng, for assisting him in proposing while they were at the show.

source: Facebook

“I absolutely wouldn’t have the guts to do this without your support,” he continued.

Lee also revealed to WeirdKaya that he meant to propose to his girlfriend, Mindy, in November of last year but postponed the occasion.

“When I learned that Mayday was touring Malaysia, I began contemplating a marriage proposal and got the ball rolling by purchasing the tickets. I also prepared 20 banners and a bunch of flowers, in addition to a wedding ring,” he added.

source: Facebook

Since Mindy was extremely timid in nature, and he didn’t want to interrupt concertgoers who were seeing their idols perform, Lee also noted that the proposal was rather swift.

Finally, Lee mentioned that since high school, Mayday has been his and his fiancee’s favourite band.

“I believe Mayday reflects the memories we made together in some way, and getting engaged at their concert will be a memory we will both cherish forever,” she said.

This is adorable! We wish the couple everlasting happiness. Brb sending this article to my bf so he gets a hint…