Seremban Hospital Admits To Mixing Up Bodies After Man Claims Staff Took His Deceased Mom’s Jewelry

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According to Malaysiakini, a son of a patient who died of Covid-19 at Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban has filed a police report after jewellery belonging to his mother had gone missing. What’s more surprising is when, upon self-investigating, he was given the wrong remains.

Seremban police chief Mohd Said Ibrahim confirmed the report and said the police were investigating the matter.

Last Sunday (24 Jan), T Narenthiran, 31, claimed that he and his sister brought their mother to the emergency department after she had caught a fever and had difficulty in breathing.

While there, she was wearing a set of jewellery worth RM9,250 that includes a gold necklace, a pair of gold earrings, three bracelets, and one ring. Their mother then died on the same day.

However, when Narenthiran came to claim her body the next day, the hospital staff handed over the patient’s valuables and property form – which only listed out one ring.

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When Narenthiran asked for permission from the hospital to help open the body bag to trace the missing jewellery, he was met with another surprise. He claimed that the hospital had mistakenly passed him the wrong remains.

“After getting the permission from one Encik Nahar, who is the Health Ministry officer, to open my mum’s body bag, I found that the hospital had given me the body of an unknown Indian man who also died from Covid-19. While my mum’s body was in a hearse ready to be taken away by other people,” he said.

Later on, the staff rectified the situation but the missing jewellery was not found in his mum’s body bag.

“My mother’s jewellery had gone missing and I believe it happened in the emergency room or the mortuary… I suspect that the hospital staff had taken the jewellery and the damage was around RM9,250,” he said.