Selected Clubs in Singapore Will Reopen Next Year With Up To 100 Patrons in Pilot Testing

Bar Rouge, Singapore has been waiting for you
source: The Honeycombers (For illustration purposes only)

There was a huge fuss when clubs were set to close during the pandemic due to the inherent nature of its environment that went against all SOPs. Malaysian avid clubgoers were forced to stay at home and party by themselves for a few months, but it seems like for Singaporeans, that lonely party-of-one will soon come to an end.

According to Straits Times, several clubs will be part of a pilot testing that will allow 100 patrons to enter the establishment. In order to remain wary, the 100 people will be divided in half to accommodate both drinking and dancing areas of the club.

Of course, face masks and social distancing of at least 2 metres apart will still be upheld by all patrons to ensure safety. There will also be floor markings and physical barriers to indicate social distancing.

Outlet / Price – HaveFun Karaoke
source: HaveFun Karaoke (For illustration purposes only)

Other than clubs, karaoke bars will also be going through the same pilot testing, allowing 5 people to be in the same room. After each session, the rooms will be disinfected.

For both types of establishments, COVID-19 tests are integral upon entering. Patrons must show proof of their negative results in order to be allowed in.

This programme is set to roll out in January 2021 but it is currently undisclosed which clubs and karaoke bars will be selected for the testing.

Guess Singaporeans can finally sport this feng tau mask soon!