LED Face Masks Might Become The Next New Trend & Netizens Are Amazed

(Source: @twt_cyberjaya)

Face masks have become an essential part of our daily wear ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit and at this point, we’ve seen many types of it being sold online with different fabrics, technology, scents and patterns.

However, this time, the face mask game has levelled-up, as a viral Tik Tok video posted by Twitter user @Twt_Cyberjaya shows a special LED face mask sold at Shopee.

Following the video, another post shows an articulate review of a man receiving the LED mask, slowly explaining every detail of the mask while unboxing it.

(Source: @Twt_Cyberjaya on Twitter)

The mask can be purchased from a Shopee retailer called “WHYPAYMORE” and it’s only RM28. Upon opening the package, it’s clear that the mask was packed properly and even came with its own reusable filter along with a cable for charging.

(Source: Twt_cyberjaya on twitter)

While wearing the mask, the colours can be changed manually by touching a button at the side which shifts the hues to red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, purple and white. The mask also comes with a special light feature where you can set it to change colours automatically.

(Source: Twt_Cyberjaya)

Many netizens were amazed by the technology of the mask. Some even suggested it would be fun to wear it to a nightclub. Check out their reactions…




We can’t deny that this mask is definitely one of a kind and anyone wearing it would immediately be noticed from a mile away.

So, if you’re looking for that wow factor in your compulsory face masks, look no further!