Save Money During The Pandemic With This M’sian App That Gives You Discounts When You Pay Your Bills

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Like it or not, the pandemic has shaken up all our financial plans. With that, there are many tips and tricks available right now to help you be cautious of what you’re spending.

But even before you can start saving up, it’s important to get a grip on how much money is coming in and going out. You’d be surprised how few of us really know. So, here’s an easy way to start:

Divide up your outgoings into three categories – essentials that you can’t avoid such as rent, phone bills, water bill; stuff that you need to buy but could more easily cut costs on like household items; and everything else, which is the main place to look at where you could save instead of spend.

While the latter two can be easily managed with some tweaks here and there, the main income eater is definitely the first category. But what if we told you that you can even save some cash on your bills too?

Cause apparently, there’s an app called ZCITY that gives out discounts to Malaysians when they pay their bills!

ZCITY is an instant rebate & cashback app that allows users to enjoy discounts and rewards for every single transaction.

You’ll earn & collect reward points every time you use it to enjoy discounts too!

For example, when you use the app to pay your water bills from Indah Water or your telco bill from Digi, you instantly get a discount. Take a look:

Just like that, it eases the burden of the dreaded monthly commitments!

Now, you might mistake it for an e-wallet app, but it’s simply not. When using ZCITY, you won’t have to top up your credit or bind your bank card – instead, you can just use your preferred e-wallet like Touch N’ Go, Boost, GrabPay, FPX and more to make payment.

Sound interesting right? To make it better, there are exclusive offers for new users right now!

Just by registering and downloading the app using this link here, you’ll receive RM10 value of cash voucher plus reward points straightaway. Every new user is entitled to receive a RM5 cash voucher (applicable to all ZCITY merchant), a RM3 cash voucher (applicable to all Bill Payment) and 200 reward points worth RM2.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make paying bills a little less painful!

Register and download ZCITY’s app by clicking here

Visit ZCITY’s website for information.

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